and then, I found You

and then, I found You


Published February 9, 2016

Publisher ~ Green Feather Publications


Short story ~ Under The Carousel

Written under the penname of A.B. Martin


Relationships often suck... until we find that special someone that fits our lives just right.

We clawed, we scratched, and we chomped at the bit for our own slice of the good life. Fights, misspoken words, hardships, battles, and other things made us feel like we weren't going to survive, much less thrive or love. We searched for wealth, longevity and even a home; not necessarily in the brick and mortar sense.

Those bad things brought us to the moment we found ourselves truly happy all the way to our core. To the one who makes our life simpler on every level, simply by cradling our battered hearts and tenderly caressing those open wounds we tried so hard to hide. 

These stories are filled with heartwarming examples of what it is like to find that one, though perfect they may not be, they fit into life in ways no other soul can. That is the truest expression of life and love there is for anyone to find. Life is always what you make of it and sharing it with another makes it that much sweeter.

Like me. I felt like I wanted to give up... and then I found you.

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