This Soldier's Heart

This Soldier's Heart


Published February 13, 2018

Published by Green Feather Press


Short Story ~ A Soldier's Enchantment


Valentine’s Day . . .

A day for love, lust—and sometimes, even loss. There's no day in the year where love is more present, and loneliness more painful.

Follow our soldiers as they deliver love, doubt, pain, lust, and everything in-between.


Charity Anthology. All proceeds benefit The Wounded Warrior Project.

A Soldier's Enchantment


Austria in 1945.  Ida has been tasked with keeping her families precious Grimoire out of the clutches of the Reich. She is watching for the signs of a prophecy where she will finally unite with her soulmate. But will the war destroy their chances before they’ve even met?


Watch for this story to be expanded to a full length novel late 2019!


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