Snowed In Anthology

Moving Mountains


Marshall Williams had buried his past until his father dies and someone lays claim to the only property his parents ever owned. 

Amanda Mason would be damned if she was going to lose the only place she had ever felt at home. The mountain cabin had been her favorite place since her mother’s long time boyfriend, Gerald Williams, had started taking them there when Amanda had been six years old. 

Now that Gerald is gone, both Marshall and Amanda are determined to keep the property as a storm closes in, not just on the mountain but on their emotions.

Snowed In Anthology


Published January 28, 2021

R&R Publishing Co.


Short Story ~ Moving Mountains


Can adversaries and opposites ever truly come together?

Sweet and fun, tormented and tedious, these five enemies-to-lovers romances will heat up their cold hearts that hadn't expected to feel anything, least of all from the one they were supposed to hate.

*All proceeds from this anthology will go to the American Red Cross*

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