Not Only A Father

Paternal Instinct


Carl Breese is a single dad of five year old CJ.  Just when he has managed to reach a comfortable balance between raising his son and his crops on his ancestral farm a beautiful woman moves in across the road turning his balance into a spinning top.

Emily Charles was running from a violent relationship that resulted in the greatest gift, her unborn daughter.  Just after finding out she was pregnant she inherited her Aunt’s farm in rural New York. She knew in her heart it was  a sign that she needed to run while her boyfriend was in jail for beating her.

When Carl’s paternal instinct goes into overdrive can these two single parents find their way to a family together?


Not Only A Father


Published June 13, 2019

Published by R&R Publishing


Short Story ~ Paternal Instinct


"Being a father is a choice. Staying true to fatherhood is a duty." - Joan Ambu
Follow all these journey's of fatherhood.


Charity Anthology. All proceeds benefit the Freedom K9 Project.