Sweet Silver Linings


Life is full of storms and upheaval but when the clouds clear sometimes there is the sweetest silver lining.  

Caleb had been through one hell of a storm.  He went from finding out his wife was pregnant, to finding out his wife had cancer, then his wife drinking herself into oblivion and endangering their unborn child.  Three years had passed and Caleb is focusing his life on his daughter Isabel.

Sarah had been left by her husband because she could not have children.  Instead of having her own she now dedicates her life to helping other people’s babies grow and develop at her preschool.

Are the storms in Caleb’s and Sarah’s lives past?  Are they each other’s and Isabel’s ‘sweet silver lining?'



Published February 11, 2019

Published by R&R Publishing


Short Story ~ Sweet Silver Lining


Bittersweet is a collection of short stories written by four authors who have come together to help raise money for the National Eating Disorder Association. The stories speak of passion, determination, and more importantly, love that will keep you wanting more long after you finish the last page.


Charity Anthology. All proceeds benefit National Eating Disorder Association.