Angelic Breezes

Angels Collide


Vivian Jacobs is a small town veterinarian with a secret. When she rescues a lost puppy, she gets much more than she bargained for, she just may get everything her heart desires.

Angelic Breezes


Published June 1, 2020

Published by R&R Publishing


Short Story ~ Angels Collide


Angels come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and abilities. Sometimes in the form of friends, strangers or loved ones. Even the most usual circumstances are likened to them. No matter what you believe, have a little faith and luck.

This collection is dedicated to Delilah Cole Henton.  Delilah is the firstborn granddaughter of C.M. Lehsten and her husband. They were only gifted with her for three months when she didn't wake up and became an angel. The official cause of death was SIDS.

All proceeds will be given to Oishei Children’s Hospital in her memory.

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